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Frequently asked questions about Douglas James leak free shower pods

1) What is a Douglas James leak free shower pod?

Our shower pods are the latest advance in bathroom technology, offering a simple and beautifully design solution to the problem point of your bathroom. They are both simple to install and totally leak free for life.

2) What are your shower pods made of?

Our leak free shower pods are made up of a highly complex laminate structure made up of many layers of polymer and hardwood giving a surface finish you can see you face in. The same structure is only used on the finest sea going yachts.

3) Do any new house builders use a shower pod?

We are now included in the specifications of the top ten builders of Britain. They choose the Douglas James system over tiles as it gives their customers the very latest in bathroom technology coupled with the peace of mind that their shower installations will never leak.

4) Are they cheaper than a tiled shower?

Yes! When you add up all the different trades that can get involved in your shower i.e. plasterer, plumber, tiler and joiner and their time and materials then you will save both money and time.

5) How quickly can a shower pod be installed?

One hour! By any competent individual, we have factory installed the shower valve and plumbing to make the job simple.

6) Which type do I need for my home ?

Easyfit or Wellness shower pods for existing homes. Seamless shower pods for new homes or extensions.

7) Can anybody install them?

Yes! You do not have to be specially trained to install our shower pods as we have already preinstalled most components in our factory. Although we always recommend you have your final plumbing connections to your home checked by a qualified plumber.

8) How many people have Douglas Hame leak free shower pods in their homes?

Over 60,000 at last count January 2005.

9) I have seen a similar product in the high street is it the same as a Douglas James pod?

No! The other cubicle you have seen in the high street is made of sheet plastic heated against a mould; you will easily tell the difference if you touch them with your finger as they will bend. This is a very cheap method of making a shower cabin and the product probably has originated from the Far East. We do not know of any other shower cubicle system that is made using the same technology that is used in ocean going yachts.

10) How long will it last?

We offer a 25 guarantee on your shower pod construction.

11) Is it true that the shower will never leak and how do you know this for sure?

Our shower pods don’t have a seam that water can escape from and therefore they are "Leak Free shower pods". We have never had a shower pod shell that has leaked yet so we are very confident.

12) Can mould grow on the walls of the shower pod?

No! Mould cannot grow on the walls of the shower pod, making the shower very hygienic indeed.

13) Is the shower easy to clean?

Yes! The shower pod has been treated with a polymer so that it practically cleans itself.

14) Will the shower look just as good in 5 years time?

Unlike a tiled shower our pod will not deteriorate over time, no more mould, no more smells and no more leaks. So Yes!

15) Will the shower work with my plumbing system?

Our shower pods are designed to work with all plumbing systems, tank fed, gravity, pressurised and all combi boilers.

16) Do you do electric shower versions?

Yes. All you require is a mains water feed to the shower and enough power for a 9.5Kw shower.

17) Do I have to totally remove my existing tiled shower?

No. You can part remove your tray and shower valve and simply place the pod over the existing tiles, check out our installation guide for details.

18) I have seen a similar shower in the high street and the walls are very flimsy, what do the Douglas James pods feel like to touch?

Just as strong as the walls in your home, our shower pods are British made and are built to last the test of time.

19) What would happen if I drop something heavy onto the shower tray?

Nothing probably. Our surface finish is very impact resistant and has been design primarily to be used by tradesmen who quite often are carrying heavy metal tools which are easy to drop.

20) If I damage my shower pod can it be repaired?

In the unlikely event you do damage the surface finish of your pod we can supply a simple repair kit to touch up the surface. Alternatively we can do the job for you.

21) Where are the shower pods made?

We are proud to say all our shower pods are manufactured here in the United Kingdom at one of our factories.