shower pods

What Are Douglas James Shower Pods Made Of?

The unique sandwich contstruction of our modular shower pods is the result of painstaking research and development. It comprises of virtually indestructable multiple layers of advanced polymer, cast stone and timber, finally coated in a tough, easy-to-clean, antibacterial, brilliant white gelcoat finish.

Douglas James Shower Pods are made of

1. Advanced chemical resistant gelcoat finish
Marine grade chemical resistant gelcoat incorporating a blend of fine ceramic power for improved surface finish.
2. Vapour barrier
Prevents ingress of microscopic water molecules.
3. Polyester polymer
The Polyester polymer layer accomodates heat and temperature changes. This layer gives flexibility to the structure yet at the same time supporting layers 1 + 2.
4. Timber layer
Plywood is laminated within all flat panels of our bathroom pods for rigidity. Thinkness will vary according to the location.
5. Composite cast stone layer
Cast stone resin forces, encapsulates and completes the construction.